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A Few Good Terms to Know-Dabbing/Dans and Rig

Times are changing, and ways to consume cannabis has been evolving rapidly with the changes too. I thought you might like to know more about some modern terms that fly around in the cannabis related industry so you can stay up to date on terminology. That way you will be able to chat up a storm about all the new ways cannabis can be ingested and feel confident if /when you decide to try a new way to consume concentrated weed products. Let's start with the term Dabbing… taking a ‘Dab’ is a way to consume a higher level of concentrated THC.  The oil that is extracted from the cannabis plant is processed in a few different ways in order to create several forms of concentrates such as shatter, badder and rosin/resin to name a few and are otherwise known as Dabs.  How do you use this term you might ask... here is an example: “I took a quick dab before going to work”. Now you may be asking, how do you do a dab? Well, that is an easy question to answer… you use a ‘Rig’. Typically made out of glass alike to bongs, Rigs are created by glass blowers for smooth consumption of Concentrates/Dabs and are usually much smaller than your average bong. We hope that you have learned something new today and will keep an eye out for the next blog where we will chat about a banger… yes, ‘Banger’ and we will also answer the question of what a ‘Terp Pearl’ is for heaven's sake?!


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