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CBD Is For Our Pets Too

Things have come a long way with the wonderful herb of cannabis!

Some of the most unlikely people (such as my 82 year old mother) are finding out about the many healing benefits of cannabis and the ever growing list of constituents within this plant that helps make them feel better (like THC but also CBD and CBG which are two of the non-psychoactive components of cannabis.) Who else might use these feel good helpers? Well, it seems that research has shown that CBD is really quite good for our cats and dogs too!

Anyone that has ever had a fur baby knows that as they get older - just like us - some start to have hip and joint pain as well as other ailments that can be painful for four legged companions. However, unlike us they only have body language to let us know that they are not feeling up to 100%.

I can tell you from a personal experience with our Bear (the "dispo dog") who is between 8-10 years of age, that after discovering CBD dog treats and seeing the difference it makes in his rise and shine routine I have become a true believe in sharing CBD medicine with our much loved pooch!

There are some different ways that you may want to consider giving CBD to your dog or cat. I have given Bear CBD tincture-straight as well as putting it in his food and of course giving him dog treats with CBD in them. As always - please consult your animals vet for any major or serious illness your pet may have before giving it CBD.

If you are looking for ways to give your dog or cat a little CBD here are some suggestions that I hope you find helpful.

When I started giving Bear CBD tincture I would mix in a dropper full of the oil based tincture into his food. This worked well since the oil mixed easily into his food. Then we started giving him a dropper full on his snack treats. And finally decided to just give it to him directly from the dropper straight into his mouth as it turns out that CBD is high absorbable ...and he LOVES it that way!

I found by using the tincture, it is super easy to control the amount of the dosage I want to give him - no guessing.

The other way we help our four legged fluff ball to feel better on those days that his painful hips are making it a rough day for him is CBD dog treats (there are also CBD cat treats).

Because Bear is a big boy we will sometimes give him two 5mg CBD dog treats mid-day or at bed time. He likes the treats and I like that these treats not only help him to feel better but also also easily packable if you're going on a trip!

I hope that if you haven't tried CBD yourself, you will not only try it yourself but will have your feline or canine friends with pain try it too.(I have found that it works best when taken regularly.)

Please keep in mind when giving CBD to your fur buddies - speak to your vet and read all labels in order to give the correct dosage to your pet.

Take into account their weight and size, it makes a difference. You don't want to give 5mg to 165 pound dog and expect it to do much. Nor would you give your 5 pound kitty baby 10mg. Remember, the point is to make them feel better.

Looking to try out a some pet friendly CBD snacks? Check out our Hemp Extract Dog Chews! (In-store's only)

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