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Detox, Testing and Weed

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Everywhere one looks these days there are "Help Wanted" & " Hiring Now" signs.

This can be a great time for potentially changing careers if you should want to however if you are reading this there is a good chance you may be partaking of cannabis whether medically or recreationally or thinking of giving cannabis a try for whatever reason.

With this in mind you may be thinking to yourself, 'Yeah right, I smoke weed! And this place requires a piss test.' ( Just to be clear THC Cannabinoids also show up in your hair, saliva, fingernails, and your blood not just your urine. )

Or perhaps you have decided to make that change but now are thinking about a detox. Perhaps you have heard of a few ways from friends or current co-workers on how to detox but just are not sure if they will work.

Well, here is a little bit of what I have found when researching this very topic of detoxing...

According to Leafly, some of the "fast detox" solutions are just myth, such as drinking juices, detox teas and vinegar ( I suggest you do a little research yourself and see if these actually work or not for you).

In a Healthline article I was reading, Nicolas Rossetti, manager of clinical services of Mobile Health says that "Compared to other drugs, marijuana has the longest detection time, up to months, because the detectable chemicals stay in the body’s fat cells. Btw, Mobil Health is an occupational health center that conducts over 150,000 drug tests in New York City each year and is managed by Nicolas Rossetti.

Of course the amount of time that THC sticks around in your urine, blood and even fat cells etc. really depends on how heavy a user you are.

You may now be asking yourself, " How long will it take and What can I do to detox?"

Please keep in mind the following as the detox could be contingent upon them:

How often do you exercise

Your eating habits

Your body fat percentage

And the amount of marijuana used

Here is what I have found to help answer just those questions!

Leafly has a great, very short little video, that states if you have a blood test THC can be detected up to a few days, hair test can measure THC up to a three months back however a urine test can vary in time. ( I recommend checking out the clip on Leafly.)

Firstly, it may sound obvious but abstaining is really a sure fire way of cleaning out your system of THC/tetrahydrocannabinol and could take up to 30 days depending on the aforementioned points. Some people may be able to just cut out weed all at once while others may need to ease into stopping the use of ganja.

Secondly, exercise! That's right get up and get yourself moving to the extent of your ability. By doing this you burn fat and as I mentioned earlier THC stores itself in fat cells. So by doing exercises such running, walking, jumping jacks or even lifting some weights-to name a few cardio and weight training activities, this will help to burn fat cells thereby helping your body release the THC.

Lastly, eating a healthier diet full of fruits, veggies and leaner meat along with drinking plenty of water will help your body eliminate waste, again getting rid of THC.

As always, I recommend doing your own research- see what feels good and what works for you.

Your body is an AMAZING piece of art work and you should learn to trust what it tells you.

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